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Unfortunately, Georgie's breeding did not take. She will be 5 years old soon so we have decided to have her spayed and are going to begin searching for her forever home.

Georgie is a sweet extremely affectionate girl She gets along great with other dogs and loves kids.
She is calm and relaxed while in the house, but loves to run and play while outside. We are looking for a forever home that is within 2 hours of driving from the Utica, NY area. This will enable us to make a couple visits to see where she will be living. We also would prefer a family with a fenced in yard. Georgie loves to run up to people walking by and loves to chase birds and deer if given the opportunity. She is used to living within an electric fence and has never been tied to an outside lead. If you feel you could provide a loving home for Georgie please message me the details about your family and home on my contact page. The only adoption fee required will be the cost of her spay procedure.

About Us
Renescence Labradors is a small, hobby breeder dedicated to breeding Fox Red Labradors that are healthy, beautiful, and intelligent. We have spent many years searching for dogs with excellent pedigrees that meet the AKC standards for Labrador Retrievers. Through all of these years, owning many different labs, we have found labs with amazing color as well as flawless temperaments.

Our dogs make wonderful family companions that have the ability to become excellent hunting or show quality dogs.

We are located in the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Central New York. Our dogs are free to roam 5 acres of fenced land as well as run through the trails through our woods to take a swim in the West Canada Creek.

We believe that Labs have been breed to be constant companions and they are only truly happy when they are with their family. For that reason, we have no kennels. Our dogs live in our home with us and our puppies are also raised in our home where they receive individual love and attention.

About Fox Red Labs

The fox red coat is not a new shade in the labrador breed. This coat color dates back to the early 1900's when the original yellow labradors were either dark golden or butterscotch tinged with red. This dark color was the common color until after World War II. Through the years the lighter labradors became more popular and therefore the deep fox red color was almost lost.

Two well known labrador breeders, Kelleygreen and Keepsake Labradors are responsible for bringing the fox red color back in the United States. Some of the fox red foundation dogs include: Balrion Red Alert, Kelleygreen Kardinal, Scrimshaw Placido Flamingo, Keepsakes I Love Lucy, and Keepsakes Cajun. For more information and photos of these foundation dogs, please see Little River Labradors website. They have excellent information about the history of the Fox Red Labrador.

Click to Enlarge - Fox Red Labrador Retriever Pup
Four Week Old Fox Red Labrador Retriever Click to Enlarge - Fox Red Labrador Retriever Pup
Click to Enlarge - Fox Red Labrador Retriever Pup
Click to Enlarge - Fox Red Labrador Retriever Pup
Fox Red Labrador Retriever
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